If You Visit Kagoshima In Japan, You’ll Find That They Are Obsessed With This One Thing

If You Visit Kagoshima In Japan, You’ll Find That They Are Obsessed With This One Thing
Sakurajima volcano in Kagoshima, Japan and barrels of black vinegar

If you plan to travel to Japan, make sure you include Kagoshima on your itinerary as you’ll see the wild side of Japan.

The prefecture is home to the great volcanoes of Mount Kirishima and Mount Sakurajima, as well as the Yakushima ancient forests and the breath-taking view of Amami-Oshima Island.

Another unique thing you’ll notice is the rows of ceramic pots overlooking the stunning hills and nature, which have become an iconic scene of the picturesque Kagoshima.

So, what’s inside the ceramic pots?Rows of ceramic barrels containing vinegar

The ceramic pots contain what the locals regard as “black gold”, and the black gold we’re talking about here is not oil, but black vinegar or kurozu. It’s a type of amber rice vinegar that has been produced for centuries!

While most commercial vinegars are produced in factory, the fermentation of kurozu takes place in outdoor ceramic jars. Made using a 200-year-old traditional recipe, the vinegar is left to ferment in the sun and is monitored through sound, smell, colour, and taste for up to 3 years!

Artisans first add the raw materials—kōji-kin (the fungus that grows on rice), followed by steamed rice, and then water into the jars. After carefully sprinkling kōji mold on the surface of the mixture, the containers are capped and sealed.

Why are the locals in Kagoshima so obsessed with kurozu?Scooping black vinegar

The locals enjoy adding kurozu to their dishes because it’s rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and organic acids, making it a health booster ingredient. That’s not all though. Kurozu’s acidic tang with a hint of sweetness can also make food taste better. Win-win!

Curious about kurozu? Well, you don’t have to fly all the way to Japan to reap its benefits!

Wellous ZENSO is a wealth management series that is mainly formulated with Japan’s black vinegar and conveniently available in Singapore! Thanks to its black gold ingredient, ZENSO acts as a comprehensive solution for those of us looking to achieve or maintain an ideal weight, but are always too caught up with the hectic side of life.

What’s in the ZENSO series?

The ZENSO series includes 4 products: KURO OIRU (burns calories), KURO SHUGA (prevents sugar absorption), KURO MIZU (reduces water retention) and KURO DAITTO (meal replacement), each addressing a different need.Zenso's Kuro Oiru and Kuro ShugaZenso's Kuro Mizu and Kuro Daitto

There’s a fitness tracker and exercise guide from experts to really keep you on track too!

You can monitor your health with the exclusive ZENSO app and measure body compositions using the ZENSO smart weighing scale.

The app and weighing scale can measure and record body compositions including body fat percentage, visceral fat, water percentage and muscle mass from time to time!Happy girl showing Zenso app and Zenso smart weighing scale

And just in case you need more push to be healthy, you’ll also get access to diet and exercise guidelines prepared by certified healthcare personnel as part of its 30-day program.

ZENSO is more than just a 30-day program; it helps consumers transition into healthy lifestyles, which leads to better physiques in the long run.

ZENSO has a famous fan: Taiwanese singer-actress Ella ChenElla Chen ambassador of Zenso

This mother-of-one is 41, slayyyying and inviting you to join her in a fitness journey that incorporates a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Doubling as a ZENSO weight-loss instructor, she’ll be keeping you motivated every step of the way!

ZENSO’s new slogan, “Fit & Show,” is inspired by Ella’s fit body and self-confidence. It encourages consumers to flaunt their bodies confidently. In addition, Ella has personally tried and genuinely reviewed the product before endorsing and becoming an ambassador for ZENSO, a professional ethic that she cherishes.

How can I get started on the ZENSO Fit Journey?

Over 10,000 people have started their journey with ZENSO, a trending weight management solution. They’ve also achieved a lot of amazing records and received positive reviews since their launch.

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