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Witness a glimpse of our glorious and winning moments that prove our quality and reliability

Awards & Recognitions

Throughout the years, Wellous products have managed to win the trust and hearts of many individuals. We are proud to be able to showcase some of the awards and recognitions that prove our dedication to ensuring the quality and reliability of our products. We would like to thank every single one of our customers who have purchased any Wellous products. We promise to continuously provide our customers only with products of high quality and authentic.

Wellous Superbrands worldwide award 2021 icon
Wellness Readers' Choice awards 2019 winner icon
Wellness Malaysia Health eWellness Brand awards icon
Wellness global business leadership awards 2019 icon
Wellness asia pacific super health brand award for 2018 and 2019
Wellness 2018 international prestige brand award best brand of the year icon
Wellness asia top 100 brands honesty award 2018 icon

Golden Eagle Awards 2022

Top 2-Eminent Award Winner of the Golden Eagle Award (GEA). One of Malaysia’s most respected business accolades organized by Nanyang Siang Pau. This award is audited by Ernst & Young and determined by a panel of independent judges to ensure all nominated enterprises are evaluated professionally and equitably.


Monde Selection Awards 2022

Monde Selection evaluates the quality of consumer products by 80 international experts that conduct a thorough quality assessment whereby each product is tasted and tested individually using numerous parameters.


SOBA Award 2021

The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA)’s Best Use of Technology Award is granted to recognize companies that have most effectively leveraged and integrated technology into their business to have an edge in today’s marketplace. SOBA seeks to inspire and encourage excellence in local businesses, and to promote Malaysia and showcase its products and services globally.


BrandLaureate World Halal Best Brands Award 2021

Founded in 2005, The World Brands Foundation (TWBF) is a global award dedicated to developing brands in a myriad of business backdrops. TWBF, together with a Board of Governors who are experienced captains of industries and established brand icons, evaluate and recognize the cream of the crop in the business world.

Wellous wins Golden Bull Award 2020 for its brand excellence

Golden Bull Award 2020

Since 2003, the Golden Bull Award (Taiwan)’s Emerging SMEs Award has honored exceptional companies with the main focus of having solid fundamentals. As a platform of excellence, it is the premier setting for entrepreneurial networking and fellowship with perseverance and determination as the core focal points. It also helps highlight the companies’ contribution to the prosperity of our economy.


SOBA Awards 2020

The Star Outstanding Business Awards 9SOBA)’s Best Brand Award is a top award that recognizes companies that invested in building a strong local brand that is valued and appreciated by the public. SOBA seeks to inspire and encourage excellence in local businesses, and to promote Malaysia and showcase its products and services globally.

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BrandLaureate Prominent Business Best Brands Award 2018

The BrandLaureate prominent Business BestBrands Award is a celebration of brands that have risen to prominence through their passion and dedication in branding. Creating waves in he world of brands and branding, the Brandlaureate Awards represents the very best that the world of branding has to offer. Wellous was honored to receive the Best Brands Award in Healthcare – Supplements. Through the award, it indicates that we stand out as one of the market leaders that differentiates ourselves with our quality and excellent brand attributes that generate trust and confidence among consumers. The award also proved that we possess a strong innovation culture that contributes to he progress and sustainability of our brands.

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