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Wellous Zenso / Zenso Wellous is a weight loss meal replacement and a healthy weight management solution that helps manage your weight scientifically with natural nutrients following the Kurozu-eating culture.

The main ingredient is vinegar from KAGOSHIMA. A healthy weight should be within reach when ultimate health is achieved.

Zenso is suitable for people who:

  • Wish to lose weight healthily
  • Always skip meals
  • Always eating outside
  • Enjoy high-sugar, high-sodium, and high-calorie foods
  • Have the issue of water retention
  • Always stay in air-conditioned rooms and rarely sweat
  • Living a sedentary lifestyle and rarely exercise

*Daitto $105 is packet packaging, 1 Box contain 2 pack of the powder each pack 450g*

What is inside in the pack?
Zenso Lite : 4 Daitto, 1 Shuga, 1 Oiru
Zenso Advance : 6 Daitto, 1 Shuga, 1 Oiru, 1 Spiro and all the free gifts
Keep Burn Set: 1 Oiru, 1 Shuga, 1 Mizu

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Zenso Lite & Lite
+ Package

Introducing the Zenso Lite package, the best healthy weight loss package to help you achieve your weight goals. Zenso Lite effectively inhibits the conversion of sugar into fat, curbing unwanted weight gain. Plus, with essential nutrients, it ensures you meet your daily nutrirional requirements. The powerful combination of Kuro Daitto, Kuro Oiru, and Kuro Shuga works perfectly well together to help promote fat burn and boost metabolism.

Wellous Zenso Lite weight lost package
zenso advance

Zenso Advance Package

Discover the ultimate weight loss solution with Zenso Advance. The package includes the Kuro Daitto, Kuro Oiru, Kuro Shuga, and Kuro Mizu, providing you the truly comprehensive support throughout your weight loss journey. This package offers the same benefits as Zenso Lite, such as promoting fat burn, boosting metabolism, and curbing appetite to reduce calorie consumption. Additionally, the Zenso Advance package provides the benefits of eliminating excess water and relieve edema symptoms.

Does ZENSO Wellous really works? Check Out why Zenso so effective for a healthy weight management.

Wellous Zenso Individual Products

Zenso Kuro Daitto weight management product

Zenso Kuro Daitto - Meal Replacement

Control cravings, cut calories, and nourish your body with Kuro Daitto. This meal replacement is designed to keep your appetite in check while replenishing the vital nutrients you need. Plus, it promotes a healthy bowel movement, ensuring the well-being of your digestive system.

Zenso Kuro Oiru weight management product

Zenso Kuro Oiru - Fat block formula

Awaken your fat burning potential with Kuro Oiru. This powerful formula enhances your body’s metabolism and targets fat synthesis and absorption. Experience fat burning like never before and witness as your body transform into your ideal body shape.

Zenso Kuro Shuga weight management product

Zenso Kuro Shuga - Carb block formula

Stay in control of your carb intake with Kuro Shuga. It acts as a powerful barrier, inhibiting the digestion and absorption of sugar, starch, and fat.

Zenso Kuro Mizu weight management product

Zenso Kuro Mizu - Diuretic formula

Feel lighter and more energized with Kuro Mizu. This diuretic formula effectively eliminates excessive sodium and fluids, thus reducing uncomfortable edema symptoms. 

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Zenso Product Verification & Certification

ZENSO Cert-Free from 365 drugs_Daitto ENG
ZENSO Cert-Free from 365 drugs_Oiru ENG
ZENSO Cert-Free from 365 drugs_Shuga ENG

Zenso - Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

The side effects become slimmer, but during the process, you may experience craving for food (hunger), fatigue (such as gastric), dizziness (lower your sugar level consumption), mood swings, constipation, or watery stools due to the changes in your diet.

Kindly read through this article to find out more: https://wellnessofficial-int.com/does-zenso-have-side-effects-reviews/

No, as mentioned above KURO DAITTO contains natural ingredients such as Slimaluma® cactus extract, baobab fruit powder, fiber creamer, isolate soy protein, whey protein isolate, MCT oil powder, konjac powder, and vitamins & minerals premix that help you reduce the craving for food and it can last up to 4 hours. 

Zenso are using 100% natural ingredients and come along with Halal Certificate that are safe to consume. 

Yes, you are allowed as Zenso do not contain synthetic hormones. It means you are 100% safe to consume as it will affect your endocrine system. 

Elderlies (those who are 60 years old and above) can take KuroDaitto as a meal supplement but not as a meal replacement. We do not recommend the elderly to follow Zenso’s weight management plan as they are more prone towards developing medical conditions. If they wish to lose weight, it would be recommended to get a doctor’s consultation before they proceed with any weight loss plan.

This is varies from one person to another due to their differences in genetic and body compostion. For some, their breast size remains unchanged even after slimming down. However, due to the fact that our breasts mainly consist of fat tissues, some might experience a reduction in breast size when their body weight and body fats are reduced.

KuroDaitto (Vanilla + Macadamia) contains macadamia. For people who are allergic to tree nuts, we would suggest that they consume the chocolate-flavoured KuroDaitto instead.

Zenso products is the isolated soy protein found in KuroDaitto. As customers might only be allergic to other components contained in whole soy beans, isolated soy protein might not trigger their allergic reations.

You might give it a try. The only milk derivative present in Zenso products is the isolated whey protein found in KuroDaitto. As customers might only be allergic to other components in the milk, isolated whey protein might not trigger their allergic reations.

Yes. However, for people with low blood pressure, please be advised to drink more water to avoid dehydration while taking KuroMizu.


Lite(2 Daitto 1Oiru 1Shuga), Advance Set(3 Box Daitto 1Oiru 1Shuga 1Mizu+Free Gift), Daitto(1 Box), Kuro-Shuga(1 Bottle), Kuro-Oiru(1 Bottle), Kuro-Mizu(1 Box), Keep Burn Set(1Oiru 1Shuga 1Mizu)


Matcha, Chocolate, Vanilla, Mixed Flavour, No Flavour

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Aaron T** ✅Verified Buyer

2nd Purchase. So far 1 month lost 4.3kg. But definitely need to watch diet too.

Jessy ✅Verified Buyer

Well packed and read good reviews so decided to give it a shot

Chris ✅Verified Buyer

Very fast delivery. Thanks seller for the free gifts

Noel L*** ✅Verified Buyer

Received authentic product even though i was not able to scan the barcode for verification. The first three days was tough, i had headache and lethargic. I lost 2.25kg within 3 days after taking Zenso meal plan.

Layshan C*** ✅Verified Buyer

Thank you seller being fast delivery , Advance set for my 1st running up. Will buy again for him if it works on me

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